About US

Sheng li Wood Industry co., Ltd is Eames chair, Plastic chair, Plasticsteel chair,Foreign trade chair, Folding chair, Conference chair, Newschair,Office chair and other products professional production and process-ing company. Have a perfect and scientific quality management system.The company is a large-scale export-oriented enterprises.The products areexported to the United States, Germany,Japan and other countyies. Andget the unanimous praise of foreign friengs.

The location of the company is very superior. It is only 60 kilometersaway from Tian Jian port.Chian 's second largest port . Export is very con-verient and fast.

The company has large scale high starting point,syrong equipment andtechnical force. It has perfect quality management system and advancedproduction technology. The company has passed the ISO9001:2000 interna-tional standard quality system certification and ISO14001:2004 environmen-tal management system certification.

We sincevely hope that fyiends from all walks of life will visit us forguidance.Create a better future together!

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